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Lock State Date Length Length - Working Distance Width Fall Removed or bypassed
Amwell Marsh Lock Extant 1772         1857


On 14.1.1772, Messrs Pepper and Hanking… paid  the sum of ffour shillings a week for looking after the Cistern next Stansted and the Cistern next below Stansted and the Navigation from the first of the said Cisterns to the other.” (NA Rail 845/4)


On 20.7.1779 "...the Surveyor do repair  the lower gates of the Lock in Amwell Marsh" (NA Rail 845/51)


11.4.1787 "New upper and Lower Gates, Cills, Pointing and upper and lower slacker frames and slackers be put tp Amwell Marsh Lock the Expense whereof...will be about two hundred pounds" (NA Rail 845/51)


6.7.1791 "Ordered that Amwell Marsh and Leak's Locks be repaired"(NA Rail 845/52)


Amwell North or Amwell Marsh Lock (“in very bad condition” Rennie, 1804) was on a site a little further north than the present chamber of  Stanstead Lock.


In July 1849, it was recorded that  “a Wash house was wanted, cost not to exceed £5”  NA Rail 845/13


Amwell Marsh Lock was removed in 1857. The fall was built into the new Stanstead Lock.



LMA ACC 2423/P/853


Amwell Marsh Lock





Location given by enumerator/Comments

Source Reference


Francis Hornsby

Lock keeper

14/- per week

NA Rail 845/14


Francis Hornsby

Lock keeper

12/- up to 14/- per week

NA Rail 845/14


Francis Hornsby (29)



Amwell Marsh

Great Amwell/4/39






No Census Record


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